Warehouse Job Description

You will be responsible for the work flow, fabrication, testing and quality control of our company product.

It is essential that you can meet the delivery requirements with a customer first mentality, strong work ethic and high level of integrity.

Job Duties Include:
Responsible for enforcing safety policy with the understanding that safety is the top priority.
Responsible for the fabrication of all products.
Handles all testing of the products as required by company policy.
Maintains the work flow of the shop floor through prioritizing based on customer needs.
Responsible for the repair of the products and testing required by company policy.
Inspects product for quality and workmanship.
Prepares orders for shipping and delivery and makes deliveries to local customers as needed.
Ability to perform and manage all functions of shipping and receiving of inventory.
Responsible for receiving and storing inventory properly.
Responsible for maintaining a clean and organized shop.

Job Requirements Include:

Must have a valid driver’s license and maintain a clear DMV driving record.
Must have the ability to be certified to operate a fork lift.
Must be able to operate a chop saw & gantry crane
Able to lift objects well over 45 pounds on a regular basis.
Basic reading, writing, arithmetic and communication skills required.
Experience in a manufacturing construction industry a plus.
Must have a GED or High School diploma.

Working conditions are normal for a warehouse environment. Warehouse work requires the use of safety equipment, eye safety glasses, and steel toe work boots.

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