Sewing Machine Operator Job Description

Responsible for operating an industrial sewing machine and automatic cutter to produce cargo straps used inshipping industry for securing loads on trucks, ships, railcars and car haulers.

Essential Job Functions (Listing most importatnt first):

1. Maintains a clean and organized work area with safety being top priority
2. Efficiently operate an industrial style sewing machine
3. Properly operate a heat cutter for splicing webbing material
4. Able to sew four ply webbing
5. Able to read a tape line in feet and inches
6. Able to follow drawing and instructions
7. Efficiently sew slings with flat eyes and twisted eyes

Essential Job Requirements:
Required Skills: Basic reading, writing, arithmetic and communication skills required.

Good attention to detail and ability to follow directions.
Able to work in a group or alone.
Must be able to meet the physical requirements of the position. Able to lift objects
over 45 pounds on a regular basis.
Ability to stand for long periods of time

Education: High school or equivalent
Working Conditions: Working conditions are normal for a warehouse environment.

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